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Made in Italy by artisan

Weight: 1,50 kg

 SANTA CROCE LEATHER What is the Santa Croce leather? To answer this question we have to look to the past of Florence: at the end of 1500, when in the High Renaissance a lot of craft shops had developed in the territory reinventing the leather’s manufacture.

Piazza Santa Croce was the fulcrum of this increase: just around here,  many of these shops were built whit the only purpose to create a unique material in term of beauty and strength.

It was not long that this product drowned the attentions  of european merchants and it made the fortune of many Florentine families of the time.

The centuries went by, and with the changes that the industrial revolution involved, the production of leather with this technique became inconvenient, and the leather Santa Croce disappeared without leaving traces of his production’s secrets and methods.

For many years our family has been committed to the research of these antiques techniques and finally today, we are proud to present a product that comes extremely close to that old leather.

The result is a unique leather, appreciated for its brilliance, strength and flexibility that give a exclusive appearance to our products.

The tanning is made with the method vegetal, then using the retention characteristics of the tannin contained in the chestnut trees’s bark.

Vegetable tanning is the oldest and the most environmentally friendly as it uses natural products only.

Even the dyeing is handmade with natural colors of plant origin.

With the leather Santa Croce you don’t buy just an handicraft’s item of high quality, but you make a sensory journey through space and time.

  Product Information
? Material Calf Leather
? Width  31 cm
? Height 28 cm
? Depth 9 cm
? Handle In leather
? Closure Zip
? Weight 1,5 Kg
? Shi


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